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Legendary Media Advocate Forrest Wallace CatoBecome The Most Recognized
'Name' In Your Local Market!

“You need intelligent promotion to succeed.”
Napoleon Hill

Personal 'Image Branding' Services

Each of the services below, when properly exploited, are designed to help you to "Cut A Greater Figure!" You can become the most recognized 'NAME' in your local market, enabling you to attract more high quality prospects, sell more of your products, get speaking engagements, be elected to office, etc. We also provide you with a complete step-by-step guide on how to properly and legally market, exploit, and merchandise these services. 


Professional Press Kit $500
Do you want to be considered an important “name?”  Outstanding leaders in any profession have long-used Press Kits.  Baseball players and all other professional athletes have Press Kits.  Either you are a “name” or you are not a “name.”  You can certainly become a name in your market area!  If you are a “name” then you are “someone” who is recognized, established, known, and a leader!  This status helps pre-sell you and your services.  Either you are important, or you are not too important! Either you have a Press Kit or you do not have a Press Kit.  About Press Kits

US Flag Flown Over The United States Capital - $250
Howard Maxwell, Georgia State Representative, Chairman of the Retirement Committee, (Right) presenting the American Flag that was flown over the United States Capital, to Honor Lew Nason.You can have an American flag flown in your honor, recognizing you for a specific accomplishment. This is a legitimate and respected national honor.  This impresses and reassures your clients and prospects.  This shows that you are recognized and acclaimed by “the establishment.”  You should obtain this ‘flag honor’ and make use of this factor in creating, establishing, and maintaining your desired image. (Shown here is Howard Maxwell, Georgia State Representative, Chairman of the Retirement Committee, (Right) presenting the American Flag that was flown over the United States Capital, to Honor Lew Nason.)  About The National Flag Honor

The Honorable Kentucky Colonel Award - $250
Honorable Kentucky ColonelThe Kentucky Colonel is the highest title of honor bestowed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Commissions for Kentucky Colonels are given by the Governor and the Secretary of State to individuals in recognition of noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to a community, state or the nation. Some of the most famous recipients include: Ronald Reagan, U.S. President; George W. Bush, U.S. president; Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister; Omar Bradley, General of the Army; Stephen Foster, composer; John Glenn, astronaut; Norman Schwarzkopf, American General; Babe Ruth, professional baseball player; Richard Petty, NASCAR drive; and Elvis Presley, singer and actor.

Hollywood Walk of Fame Star  - $500
Wally Cato proudly displays his Hollywood Walk of Fame Star with Lew NasonNow you can be one of the many famous people that have their names immortalized on the Hollywood  Walk of Fame Star. "Special category" stars recognize miscellaneous special contributions by corporate entities, service organizations, and special honorees, and display emblems unique to those honorees. These stars are granted by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce or the Hollywood Historic Trust, but are not part of the Walk of Fame proper. (Wally Cato proudly displays his Hollywood Walk of Fame Star with Lew Nason)

Prudent Man Award - $250
Prudent Man Award
This award is given to dedicated financial services professionals who have 10 or more years of experience as a 'true' financial planner, helping middle income families to spend, save, invest, insure and plan wisely for the future, to achieve financial independence.  And, have been recognized by their peers for the practice (or promotion) of Prudent, Qualified and Responsible Client Service. Recipients of this honor include such notable names as Mehdi Fakharzadeh, MDRT Super Hero; Richard C. Moldenhauer, CLU, ChFC, RFC, CEP, MDRT; Antonio Filippone, FMM, RFC and others. Recipient List

5 Celebrity Endorsements - $1,000
A recent New York Times headline proclaimed, “In good economies or bad, nothing helps improve the selling of anything like celebrity endorsements!”   If you are going to be the established sales leader in your market then some appropriate celebrities should be endorsing you! Today there is only one source that makes celebrity endorsements affordable for most professionals. Thus star endorsements are now practical for you. You can get them, put them to work for you, and use them for years-and-years. Such endorsements will help you to “open doors!” Typically we contact 45-famous “names” with over-night packages containing detailed info on you, plus our formal requests for endorsements.  On average we receive five or more endorsements for our client after following-up (by phone and in writing) with all 45 famous people we contacted.  If we receive more than five endorsements for you we will provide you any additional endorsement (s) at no further cost.  We also provide you with a complete step-by-step guide on how to properly and legally market, exploit, and merchandise your endorsements. About Celebrity Endorsements

Professionally Written Articles - $250 Each
About Professionally Written Articles

12 Press Releases - $600
One per month… About Press Releases

Full Service... Personal Image Branding - $2,000 per month
About Personal Image Branding

Joe Kennedy was asked, "Why have your sons been so successful in American politics?" 

The elder Kennedy replied, "Because at an early age I taught them the value of building
and keeping the right image.  Most people go through life without ever realizing
how important their image is to their success."

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Wally Cato & Zig Ziglar

Shown here are Zig Ziglar author of the best selling book “Ziglar On Selling”, and Forrest Wallace Cato, Media Advocate for financial services professionals. Zig Ziglar is the world’s “most-booked” motivational speaker. Ziglar has been favorably profiled on the CBS TV program 60 Minutes. Cato is the author of You Can Sell Like Mehidi, Ben, And Norman,” a book of exclusive detailed interviews covering the sales experiences and techniques of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) heroes Mehdi Fakharzadeh, Ben Feldman, and Norman G. Levine. Cato wrote the introduction to the famous book “How To Sell Your Way Through Life,” by Napoleon Hill, author of the classic volume, “Think And Grow Rich.”



Wally Cato is simply your best choice
for building your desired reputation
and production with the help of
Market Leader Image Branding

Mehdi Fakharzadeh




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