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Forrest 'Wally' Cato
Legendary Publicist and Image Branding Specialist


Significantly Improve Your Local Marketing And Sales Results... With Sales Promotion, Media Exposure and Image Branding For The Serious Professional!

Forrest Wallace Cato is one of the very few true 'Legends' in any profession... From 'Ghost Writing' books that have made the The New York Times Top 10 Best Seller list to getting his clients on the front cover of magazines, 60 Minutes, 20/20, etc. He's done it all for professionals.

This award-winning financial and motivational journalist, has interviewed five U.S. Presidents, three Prime Ministers, one King, and such notables as the Dalai Lama, Ted Turner and Bill Gates.  Plus, he has written speeches, articles and screenplays. 

Loren Dunton, co-creator of the multibillion dollar financial planning movement, in his book "Financial Planning: A New Profession," wrote,
"Cato has a national reputation as an editor, journalist, and media promotion genius. He's written more copy to help gain acceptance, understanding, and appreciation for financial planners than any other person in America!"


Forrest Wallace Cato, RFMA, RFC, CRR, CPC

Forrest Wallace Cato (Wally, as his friends call him) has served for over 30-years as a media advocate for Financial Professionals, Singers, Actors, Motivational Speakers, Authors and many other professionals in eleven countries. In short, he obtains local, regional, national, and international targeted media exposures for his clients... To Significantly Improve Their Marketing Results!

Wally's Credentials
Wally is the former editor of Financial Planning and Trusts & Estates magazines. He is currently editor-in-chief of The Inspirator International, the largest-circulation English language magazine in all Pacific-Rim countries, which is devoted to sales training, personal improvement, and money management. (click on picture to read more about Wally)

He is the author of: "You Can Sell Like Ben, Mehdi And Norm," "What It Takes To Make You Great," 
"Napoleon Hill's Fast-Success Profile." and "Napoleon Hill Heroes."

Wally helped edit, publish, promote and wrote the introduction to the following books -

"Financial Planning As I Conceived It" by financial planning pioneer John B. Keeble, III, JD.

"The First Words About Financial Planning." by Loren Dunton, founder of financial planning.

"Make Your Walls Tumble" by BBC-TV personality Rev. Dr. John Lutwyche Clemens.
"How To Sell And Service Nine Out Of Ten" by Lew Nason, RFC, LUTCF

"Helping Clients Can Make You Rich" by insurance sales super-star Sid Friedman.

"My First 65-Years In Advertising" by direct mail advertising Hall-of-Fame honoree Maxwell B. Sackheim.

"Your Book Of Financial Planning" by the co-founder of financial planning, Loren Dunton.

"Tremendous People I Have Hugged" by Charles "Tremendous" Jones, RFC, author of the best-selling leadership classic, "Life Is Tremendous", and recognized as an international authority on leadership dynamics.

"The Science Of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles.
Wally is personally published in Barrons, McLeans, The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, The Times of London, Reader's Digest, The New York Times, and many other publications.

He received the Lifetime Financial Writer's Award from the Money School of Boston, and the Financial Writer Award from the International Association for Financial Planning (IAFP, now FPA), plus the Financial Profiles magazine 2005 Financial Writer of the Year Award.

Wally was featured on the front page of the IARFC Register, in November 2010, by the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants. Click Here

As a legendary media advocate, popular financial writer, and early editor of Financial Planning magazine he annually presents the 'Cato Award' for Distinguished Financial Journalism to those recipients whose literary efforts are a major contribution to the financial services profession. (seen below)

Is It Talent, Marketing Or Promotion That Takes You To The Top?

Let's meet to start making headlines together! 

Wally Cato presents The Cato Award

The Cato Award is one of the financial industry's
most prestigious honors. This coveted prize is
presented annually.  Ben G. Baldwin, CLU, ChFC,
CFP, MSFS, MSM, RFC, (right), received this
financial industry wide recognition for "Outstanding
published writings that contribute to the increased
 national understanding of financial planning and
results in the greater consumer acceptance of
financial planning."  Baldwin is the author of The
Lawyer's Guide To Insurance
, The New Insurance Investment Advisor and The Complete Book of
, plus many consumer features and articles
in professional journals. The 2005 recipient is shown above with his wife Mrs. Baldwin and Cato (center)

A Mighty Wind


A character based on
Wally Cato was called "Wally the Public Relations
and appeared in the 2003 movie titled A Mighty Wind.  Following
theatrical release, this comedy film, a "mockumentary," was shown on
The Comedy Channel


orrest Wallace Cato at CNN World News Headquarters



Forrest Wallace Cato at CNN World News Headquarters in Atlanta Georgia.  CNN is a leader in education and information.

 Cable News Network (CNN) is a U.S. cable news channel
founded in 1980 by Ted Turner. Upon its launch, CNN was the
 first channel to provide 24-hour television news coverage, and
the first all-news television channel in the United States.






Wally Cato and "Five of the most outstanding Boy Scouts in the world!"





Wally is shown here (left), photographed soon after he joined the United States Air Force as an enlisted man.  He is shown with his brother-in-law, David T. Atkins, who joined the US Marines at the same time.  Cato soon became an air base newspaper editor and columnist for Stars & Stripes, a
European military newspaper. 




Forrest Wallace Cato says farewell to Norman Vincent PealeForrest Wallace Cato Co-authors Nepoleon Hill's Fast Success ProfileForrest Wallace Cato - Sales Promotional Image Building 


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