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Testimonials And Endorsements From
Respected And Famous "NAMES"

Media Exposure and Image Branding For Serious Professionals and Businesses.

"If you don't define your image, your competition will define it for you!"
Harvey Mackay

"If I had met Wally Cato ten years ago I could be as famous as the Pope by now!" Charles "Tremendous" Jones - "Mister Tremendous" is author of the 2-million copy best-selling book Life Is Tremendous.  This dynamic platform talent was voted "Speaker of the Decade" by the National Speakers Association Jones is CEO of the Executive Books Publishing Company. 

Wally Cato is one of the single most interesting, worldly, well versed, and highly connected individuals of our modern era.”
Larry Doyle - Editor of the Wall Street newsletter Sense on Cents


"For you I could not rate Cato more highly due to his proven talent, media contacts, and skills at Market Leader Image-Branding!" Mickey M. Greenfield, JD, PhD. - Dr. Greenfield is an attorney, nationally-known psychologist, and author of the book The Sales Slump Doctor Is In.  He is a frequent magazine contributor and a highly booked speaker for major events.

"Wallace is the respected leader among Media Advocates!"  Don M. Green, Executive Director, The Napoleon Hill Foundation - Mr. Green assigned Cato to edit and revise the book How To Sell Your Way Through Life by Napoleon Hill, plus assisted Cato with the book Napoleon Hill HeroesDon is a former bank president.  Don became Foundation Director following the death of Cato's close friend and long-time client, W. Clement Stone.


"Wallace Cato is the most effective sales promotional image-builder who ever breathed! You can use his Market Leader Image Branding to advance your bottom-line." Jan Cooper, Ph.D. - Dr. Cooper is former host of a state-wide (California) TV program, author of four books, a retired university professor, and a professional speaker active in the Pac-Rim countries and in the United States.

"Wally Cato's established reputation as a financial magazine editor and actual public relations genius soon resulted in national recognition for financial planning, the new profession I was trying to create.  A bundle of talents and hard work, Cato thrives on difficult challenges with limited budgets. Cato even arranged visits to the White House and interviews with Presidents of the United States, plus involvements with many national figures in various fields. Wally Cato obtained many millions of dollars worth of valuable publicity for our new profession. Cato was just what we needed to catapult financial planning to new heights of acceptance and respect." Loren Dunton (1918-1997) Founder of Financial Planning, - From Dunton's writing in his book  'Financial Planning:  A New Profession'

"Your Fame and Your Recognition Are What Wally Cato Is All About." Paul Richard, ICFE Executive Director, Institute of Consumer Financial Education - The ICFE Founded in 1982 by the late Loren Dunton, helps consumers of all ages to improve their spending, savings, and use of credit. The ICFE works with the U.S. Department of Defense and other organizations. 


“If you want the increased understanding in your local market - that leads to increased acceptance of your products or services and increases your sales, then you need Wally Cato working for you. I can't thank Wally enough for all he has done for us!” Lew Nason, LUTCF, RFC, The Nine Out of Ten Guy!” - Mr. Nason is the co-founder of the famous Insurance Pro Shop in Dallas, GA. He helps multi-national agents, financial planners, and advisors to advance their careers. He is a leading national and international speaker/trainer (on sales and client service) for the financial services industry. He is highly published in financial industry journals. Financial Services Advisor Magazine reported, “Lew Nason just may be the most effective sales improvement coach of all time.”

Wally Cato is hugely admired by other Media Advocates, Image Creators, and PR Promoters, plus Cato is admired by his clients!”
Robert Abrams - Abrams recently retired after publishing the 138-year old Trusts & Estates magazine. He also published Pension World and other Financial Magazines.


Wally Cato is without equal when it comes to helping you improve your market position with Market Leader Image Branding!” Vernon D. Gwynne, CFP, RFC - Gwynne is the former Executive Director of the International Association For Financial Planning (now FPA) and Former Publisher of Financial Planning Magazine and the IAFP Newsletter. Vernon Gwynne has since raised over 2-billion dollars of investment money. Cato served as Editor of Financial Planning Magazine and IAFP Communications Director during the period when Gwynne achieved the IAFP’s largest growth.

"During my thirty-five years in the financial services industry I've never known a Registered Financial Media Advocate who can accomplish more for you than Wally Cato. Cato is the most inspiring person I've ever worked with. Cato is a super-talent who is well-connected and results-producing. If he works to improve your bottom-line through Market Leader Image Branding you too may jump for joy!" Jim McCarty, CLU, RHU, LUTCF, RFC - Jim McCarty of Show Biz Selling, is well known for being America's leading authority on "Show Business Selling for Professionals." Jim is the author of Above The Line.

"Wally Cato is simply your best choice for building your desired reputation and production with the help of Market Leader Image Branding!" Mehdi Fakharzadeh, MDRT Hero - "Mister Mehdi" is America's beloved insurance Role Model... He is the famous and beloved MetLife Insurance Company super-achiever.  He is also considered an MDRT role model.  "Mister Mehdi" is rated as "one of the world's most successful life insurance agents of all time!"  He is author of three published books and has been an active professional for over 50-years.

"No one can create, establish, and maintain, your desired image within your target markets like Wally Cato does with Market Leader Image Branding!" Norman G. Levine, MDRT Leader - Norm Levine is former President of the MDRT and GAMA.  He is one of the world's most successful insurance agency builders, directors, agents, and sales trainers. Mr. Levine wrote the books, The Norman Levine Reader, Selling With Silk Gloves, and A Passion For Compassion, plus other titles.  He's an international speaker and trainer on sales and client service, for over 40 years.

"Wallace Cato is without equal in Europe, the Pac-Rim, the USA, or Canada when it comes to making folks like you famous through Market Leader Image  Branding!" Rev. Dr. John Clements of Norwich, England - Dr. Clements is author of the books Make Your Walls Tumble, Fruitful Prospects, and Stained Glass WisdomCato arranged for His Holiness the Dalai Lama to write the Preface to one of Dr. John's books.  Dr. Clements is a BBC-TV personality, a noted British clergyman, and international speaker especially active in Europe and the Pacific-Basin countries.

"Cato can position you as the leader in your target markets that are essential for you. He can get famous celebrities to endorse you" Alan W. "Big Al" Altmann - "Big Al" is a highly effective motivator and sales trainer.  He hosted TV's Alan Altmann Show.  Al wrote Journey To The Jordan, and Personal Empowerment.  He hosted the Believers In Business TV special seen on PBS.  He is an acclaimed minister, Christian worker, writer, and fund raiser.

“I routinely receive media recognition and you can do the same!
I have an ongoing plan executed by my Media Advocate, to create, establish, and maintain my desired image, within target markets. You can check with Wally Cato about how this can work for you.” Brian Tracy - Tracy began his career in the financial products and services industry where he built a very large sales organization. He is today one of America’s “most booked” business speakers and sales trainers. Brian Tracy is the author of the best-selling books Getting Rich Your Own Way, Successful Selling, The Science of Self- Confidence and other well-known titles.

“My husband, the founder of financial planning, called Wally Cato an Market Leader Image Branding genius.” Marta Dunton, The First Lady Of Financial Planning - Marta is the wife of the late Loren Dunton, founder of the multi-billion dollar financial planning industry. In his book Financial Planning: A New Profession, Loren Dunton wrote, “Cato is a genius at making certain financial professionals and other business leaders famous! He has written more words to help make financial planners and insurance agents better understood and accepted than any other person.”

"Because of the services of Wally Cato, the Insurance Pro Shop has quickly become the leading, most respected, trusted and used marketing and sales training resource in the financial services industry. And, he can do the same for you!" Jeremy Nason, RFC, FMM - Jeremy is the co-founder of the famous Insurance Pro Shop in Dallas, GA. He helps multi-national agents, financial planners, and advisors to advance their careers. He is a leading national and international speaker/trainer (on sales and client service) for the financial services industry.

"Wally Cato’s Market Leading Image Branding impact is enormous!" Jack Kinder - Jack Kinder operates The Kinder Group International. He is a master agency builder, and has been training financial professionals for over 40-years. He is co-author, along with his brother Gary D. Kinder, of Building The Master Agency, plus other books.

is the leader in sales promotional Image-Building for financial professionals in all of the Pacific-Rim countries and in the USA."
Rameshvaran s/o Arunassiam - “Ramish” is Publisher of The Inspirator International Magazine, headquartered in Penang, Malaysia. “Ramish” produces this publication which is the largest circulation English language magazine devoted to sales improvement, self-help, inspirational guidance, personal motivation, and serves readers in all of the Pacific-Rim countries.

“More than anyone on earth, Cato has helped make professionals like you famous and more successful through effective Market Leader Image Branding.” LaNell Switzer, FIC - LaNell is Chairman of Royal Neighbors of America. As Chairman she directs the largest fraternal insurance company in the world. The company is 106-years old. Ms. Switzer worked her way up from sales agent to Chairman. LaNell writes the syndicated column Names, News & Nonsense.

"In financial investments, past performance is no guarantee of future results. But for establishing your reputation as the leader in your local market, I advise you to consider the proven talent and work skills of an experienced media advocate who has an outstanding history of producing results that establish financial advisors like you as leaders in their market areas. I recommend Wally Cato who is our industry leader in this specialty discipline." Albert F. Coletti, CLU, ChFC, RFC - Chairman, Design Capital Planning Group. President, Institute for Financial Education, Smithtown, New York

Forrest Wallace Cato has more ideas in a day than most people have in a lifetime. He has the courage to try to make ideas happen. Presently, who has the most ideas for your benefit? When Cato decides to do something for a client nothing stands in his way. The client’s objective becomes his sole focus of attention and little else matters until the client’s goals are achieved. His media skills are almost legendary in the financial products and services industry. He enables you to use your hometown advantages in your local market area. Cato makes things happen - often these are Market Leader Image Branding actions that you want - to position you as the desired leader in your local market area!” Raquel McAninch, Executive Secretary,Registered Tangibles Investment Advisors Association (RTIAA grants the RTIA and the RTIC designations.)

"Most leading financial professionals have a successful direct mail program. Often their ongoing DM efforts are customized versions of DM pieces that are proven to be highly effective. Wally Cato can show you how. The late DM Hall of Fame expert Maxwell Sackheim, authored My First 65 Years In Direct Mail Advertising. Wally wrote the Introduction to this classic book on direct mail and later inherited the Maxwell Sackheim DM Library.
" Clyde Cleveland, President of Seminar Crowds - Randal Marketing Group, Inc., Fairfield, Iowa "Oldest and largest provider of DM services for financial professionals."

Wally Cato
is an invaluable addition to any financial advisor’s team. His insights into Personal Image Branding are unmatched in the marketplace. He truly helps the advisor to create the credibility that is so important to their success!"
Jennifer Lowery, Senior Marketing Consultant, Response Mail Express the ‘original’ and most successful DM marketing program in the country for Annuity, Life Insurance and Financial seminars!

“Within thirty six hours of meeting Wally Cato, he gave me a homerun strategy for finally winning an important testimonial that I had long-sought from the key source in my target market, two commitments to get my name and message published on a national scale, unambiguously clarified my personal brand and how I can more effectively position myself in my target market, plus cemented an important joint venture with a national figure in the insurance industry. His bias towards action combined with an unfailing gentlemanly manner is a rare combination – particularly in someone with so much marketing savvy. Stephen Covey talks about the winning combination of character and competence. Wally has both! If he is one-tenth as effective with you as he has been with me, you will get absolutely breakthrough results. And I've only mentioned the first thirty six hours.” John Michael (Yaacov) Sternbach - John Michael entered college at fourteen and graduate school at seventeen, studying biochemical genetics at the University of Rhode Island and Harvard. He spent 20-years working in Fortune 500 companies as a consultant, manager and eventually a VP. After 9/11, John Michael left the corporate world and moved from NYC to Maryland, establishing a practice in mortgage-centered financial planning. He lives in Baltimore with his wife and children.

“I have an answer for your question: "What can one person do to help make you famous in your market place?” When that person is Forrest Wallace Cato and his ‘Cato Personal Brand Management, LTD.’ then that one person can do more than anyone else serving our financial products and services industry! And Cato can accomplish this at an affordable cost for you! Thanks to Wally and his Atlanta organization we are experiencing our best years ever in over forty years of financial planning work serving important clients.” T. Jerry Royer, RFC, CEO - Group 10 Financial, LLC and United Group Marketing LLC, Haines City, Florida and Perkin, Illinois

Wally Cato is one of the giants of our financial services industry. Cato will go down in history as doing more for individuals in our profession than any other since our founder Loren Dutton. Cato is not a financial planner, just as Loren Dunton was not a financial planner. For the good of our profession and for each of us, I recommend that we listen and act on any suggestions that Wally Cato makes! Cato has a history of speaking truth to power. ” H. Stephen Bailey, LUTCF, CEP, CSA, CEBA, MFP, RFC - President, International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) CEO, HB Financial Resources, LTD - Investment Planning and Asset Management, Charlotte, NC, Columnist Money Matters, co-host of the weekly radio program Dollar Sense, and author of the book Dollar Sense: A Book For Mature Adults. 39-years experience.

"In real estate it's location, location, location! But in financial services marketing the key feature is image, image, image! Wally Cato invented the concept of persona focus and the strategy of exploiting those elements to your market. His expertise in relationship management and image branding is second to none. Cato’s successful experience in promoting financial advisors clearly advances you to higher levels of success." Graceful Grady, RFC, WMS, CEA, Registered Investment Advisor, Grady Financial, Atlanta, Georgia

“During a session of the famous Insurance Pro Shop, I had the privilege of hearing Wally Cato explain his unique ideas on using the elements from my persona focus to improve and expand my practice. Later this worked more effectively than anything else during my 25-years in financial services. I had earnestly tried every idea presented to me by Home Office personnel that have never sold anything to anyone. I had attended countless workshops, sales meetings, training sessions, industry gatherings, had coaches, bought courses, and so-on. But, after I became a “name” in my market area, the increase in my new business was actually massive! By using the elements from my persona focus to better manage my reputation and establish my image as the leader in my local I now gain the attention, support, and respect that I always needed. How quickly I now ‘fit in’ with any group I target. Today I make a much stronger, far-far more positive and lasting impression. Presently I am much more effective with all the people that I interact with. My rejection rate has plummeted. I have highly improved my career prospects in a big-big way. I project a more confident, more polished, and more professional image that causes people to quickly accept me. I now get noticed. If I had only met Cato earlier! Why was I never made to understand the real power and value of using elements from my persona focus to create, establish and maintain my desired image reality in my marketplace? I never knew I could change the reality. I resent all the hard work during the many years that I did not know about this.” Tony Brazeal, RFP, FMM, RFC, Pathfinder Group, LLC, Irving, Texas

"You either manage your image for your best marketing advantage or you do not. The most successful financial professionals in the world all manage their image. All of the leaders have highly skilled professional help with their image and self-branding. In the financial products and services industry, the body of work created by Wally Cato in image and self-branding is without equal." Geoffrey A. VanderPal DBA, MBA, Ph.D., CFP, CLU, CFS, CTP, RFC, The Elite Financial Planning Group of America, Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada

“Cato is an amazing creative talent with an unparalleled track record!  In today's overcrowded marketplace Cato is the guy to help you carve out and own your niche.  You won't find anyone who can match his innovative ideas, depth of successful experience, and image branding skills that result in off-the-chart results for your bottom-line!” Mark Patterson, President, The Brand Artist, Inc.  Mark has over 30-years of creating trademarked graphic images for logos, symbols, animation designs, and emblems.  

“For me, personal image branding results, following Cato’s directions and help, were miraculous.  My persona was entirely reinvented.  Higher level career goals were obtained.  All within less than a year!  My bottom line zoomed-up.  Cato is in a league of his own.”  Mark Kanakaris, Mark “The Money Man” Kanakaris made financial planning history by his record breaking sales production during his first year of practice.  His market area is a depressed rural region of Georgia.

“In your highly competitive market place, we recommend that you consider Cato’s unique services as the first step to improving your local market position and professional image.” Robin Mills, President, Financial Advisors Legal Association

Let's start making headlines together! 




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