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The Cato Conclusion
July 24, 2011                                                          Volume 703

“These depressed economic days mean you must now market more effectively using far more innovative efforts.”

Celebrities Endorsements
Can Boost Your Sales Now!

Forrest Wallace Cato
Registered Financial Media Advocate (RFMA)

 A recent New York Times headline proclaimed, “In good economies or bad, nothing helps improve the selling of anything like celebrity endorsements!”   If you are going to be the established sales leader in your market then some appropriate celebrities should be endorsing you?  Many respected actors, sports stars, coaches, and other famous names from various fields, all charge very big bucks for their endorsements.  Last week The Wall Street Journal reported, “Corporate headquarters and home offices quickly pay large amounts because celebrity endorsements are proven to boost sales, even in troubled economic times.”   

Quite often long after the famous person’s career has peaked the fame and respect achieved by the acclaimed individual remains and is still valuable.  Such facts are not news, as this has been the documented reality since the early 1930’s.  Today there is only one source that makes celebrity endorsements affordable for insurance agents and financial planners.  Thus star endorsements are now practical for you.  You can get them, put them to work for you, and use them for years-and-years.  Such endorsements will help you to “open doors” and sell more. 

You Will Be Truly Amazed At The
Famous Names Who Will Endorse You

Consumers (both your prospects and your clients) appreciate the reassurance that respected “establishment stars of note” have endorsed you.  This helps identify you as established, recognized, and accepted in your market.  But you only want endorsements from squeaky clean celebrities who are admired and trusted.  You do not want an endorsement from Paris Hilton, Casey Anthony, Bernie Madoff, Rod Blagojevich, O. J. Simpson, Lady Gaga, Anthony Weiner, etc. Nor do you want an endorsement from any porn star, or from most politicians! You only want endorsement from “famous names” that your prospects will recognize and respect. Names like Coach Lew Holtz, Comedian Phyllis Diller, Rev. Dr. Robert H. Schuller, and others.  (Picture Phyllis Diller)

Obtaining such endorsement at our extremely low cost requires established contacts, respecting relationships, maintaining relationships, 30- years of successful experience, a skilled approach, providing detailed documentation (on you) and more.  Not the least of which is building trust and never attempting to take advantage of the famous person.  Do not expect us to ask them to say “You are the greatest agent on earth and the most attractive!” Or, “You are the most successful planner in the world and you have made two billion clients wealthy in two years!”  We must all remain honest and not attempt to abuse the truth and reality. 

Presently we are the only source making such endorsements available at this price.  All other sources that we are aware of charge $25,000.00 or more for five celebrity endorsements -- and they do not enforce the requirements and restriction we have.  Nor do they show you how to market these to your fullest advantage.  Nor do they provide photos of the endorsers at no further cost (as we do).  Nor do they offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Most famous names are especially leery and annoyed when people ask them for free services.  Faked endorsements are against the law and can lead to serious legal problems.  Such requests should always be handled by a skilled Media Advocate.  Endorsements can not be re-written or misused.  Everything must always be well documented, appropriate evidences provided; full understandings reached, limited uses agreed upon, plus complete agreement and total approval obtained, per endorsement.  We are the only cost-effective and practical source for advisors.    

Your Prospects Will Be Influenced
By Your Celebrity Endorsements

For 30years we have worked with famous people in many fields for many different types of important projects. Ed Morrow, ChFC, CFP, CLU, CEP, RFC, Chairman of the ten thousand member International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) explains, “Jerry Royer, RFC, practices in Florida, Illinois, and Ohio.  Jerry and his son Nick Royer, RFC, have effectively used ten legitimate celebrity endorsements to increase their sales by over five million dollars in three years.”  They highlight their endorsements during Client Appreciation events that include 50% new prospects (guest of the attending clients).  The guest fill-out sheets that provided still more prospects.”  The Royers use their endorsements on their web site, in direct mail, as handouts, in news releases (one per endorser), etc.  They maximize the marketing of these endorsements by following the free guide we provide.  (Picture Jerry & Nick Royer)      

What Would Coach Lew Holtz Say About You? 
Let’s Find Out!

Endorsement help prospects decide to meet with you or talk with you.  Endorsements you’re your prospects decide to trust you and do business with you.  Most likely you have positive characteristics that Coach Lew Holtz would admire and appreciate.  We can never dictate what the endorser will say.  There are use restrictions involved.  Actual endorsements are usually character recommendations or acknowledgements.  In the final evaluation, such reasonable comments are more powerful than excessive braggadocio or exaggeration.  Don’t expect to get false claims.  (Picture Coach Lew Holtz) 

Five Admired Famous People Will
Endorse You For A Thousand Dollar

At five thousand dollars per endorsement, how does this add-up to only a one thousand dollar cost to you?  By having the Cato team arrange for all of this for you, that’s how!  We’ve been doing precisely this for 30-years.  You can contact the famous individual yourself and you will learn that the cost is $5,000.00, or up, per person.  If the famous person has to go to a recording studio the cost is $10,000.00, or more.  A studio video endorsement starts at $25,000.00.  These standard prices are why most agents and planners do not have impressive exclusive endorsements from beloved or admired famous “names.”   

If you don’t think this is a deal for you then skip these paragraphs.  This is a one-time-only cost as no residuals are involved.  Such impressive endorsements are powerful and super-effective when merchandized and exploited to promote you and the services you offer.  Invest in yourself.  You can cut a greater figure in your market area by making yourself stand out as more acclaimed, more noted, more recognized, and better known than your competition.  You could likely get an endorsement from a porn star for less – but you do not want or need an endorsement from any porn star!  Just ask Tiger Woods. 

Your Prospects Know About You, Only
What You Enable Them to Know

We do not know in advance which famous people will endorse you.  Typically we contact 45-famous “names” with over-night packages containing detailed info on you plus our formal requests for endorsements.  On average we receive five or more endorsements for our client after following-up (by phone and in writing) with all 45 famous people we contacted.  If we receive more than five endorsements for you we will provide you any additional endorsement (s) at no further cost.  We also provide you with a complete step-by-step guide on how to properly and legally market, exploit, and merchandise your endorsements.   

We have obtained endorsements from such trusted figures as Phyllis Diller, Coach Lew Holtz, Maya Angelou, Zig Ziglar, Robert H. Schuller, Vince Lombardi, Jr., Jack Canfield, Michael Dell, Harvey McKay, Larry King, Ken Blanchard, Jack Welch, Brian Tracy, Mehdi Fakharzadeh, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Michael Palin, and many-many others.  Imagine how you could benefit if five or more “names” like these endorsed you and you placed their endorsements to work for you!   

You can inform us of specific famous people whom you would like to endorse you but we can not guarantee that they will do so.  Nor can we guarantee that any of the above listed famous “names” will endorse you.  But we do average five or more endorsements from the average 45 famous “names” we contact with our requests for your endorsement (s).  If the solicited comment is provided we acknowledge receipt, and express appreciation for you, plus assure the famous contributor that their comment will not be changed, or altered, or used for any disreputable purpose.  More FREE details available on request! 

Your Prospects Think About You, Only
What You Cause Them to Think

Remember:  We also provide you with a detailed free guide on how to most effectively exploit and merchandise your valuable endorsements.  We also include a satisfaction guarantee.   

Mehdi Fakharzadeh, RFC, 90-years old, is an MDRT hero and role model because he is “… the most successful living and active insurance sales agent in the world today!”    The Great Mehdi believes, “This is without a doubt one of the most important marketing bargains in history for agents and planners like you.  Years ago I took advantage of this.  What five powerful tools these are for revitalizing your image and more effectively positioning yourself in your market area.  And Cato is the only source providing five, or more, valuable endorsements at this affordable price!”  Obviously, this offer may be withdrawn or amended at any time. 

If you would like to take advantage of this unique marketing opportunity then contact us as or you can phone us at 770-516-9395, or click on our official web site CatoMakesYouFamous or write to Forrest Wallace Cato, Intergroup II/Atlanta, LLC, 915 River Rock Drive, Suite 101, Woodstock, GA 30188 – USA.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity.  Contact us today.  You’ll be glad you did.  Credit cards accepted.  Ask about our convenient payment plan.  Our satisfaction guarantee means you risk nothing. 

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