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The Cato Conclusion
October 31, 2011                                                  Volume 706

“These depressed economic days mean you must now market more effectively using far more innovative efforts.”

A Great Endorsement Is Worthless
For You Unless You Get It And Use It!

The great lawyer, life coach, sales trainer and author Sandy Schussel, -- a very popular IPS (Insurance Pro Shop) participant, -- says, “No doubt about this.  You should seek after one super-great endorsement.  And pursue this until you get it.  Go for one single appropriate endorsement from a famous, impeccable, and respected figure.  Then after you obtain the endorsement remember that like most everything in marketing -- even a great endorsement will be worthless -- unless you use it. So use it!”      

(I apologize in advance for the “super plug” for myself that I am about to use as my following example in this message to you.) 

A great once-in-a-lifetime endorsement can be priceless for you – but only if you use it and keep using it.  Loren Dunton (1918-1997), the late founder of the multi-trillion dollar financial planning profession, surprised me by writing in his book, Financial Planning, A New Profession, comments that resulted in a great endorsement for me.  This book was published back in 1992 and is still in print, but even 19-years later his endorsement is still powerful and impressive.  I continue to use his words.    

Here is what Loren Dunton wrote: “Wally Cato has transformed how people like you can become famous.  Now it is possible for even moral and responsible people to become famous.  Cato was a rule-changer when it comes to the ability of agents and planners to become famous in their markets.  Prospects are skeptical about the unknown agent or planner.  If they don’t know you or know about you they don’t even want to open your e-mails.”

Dunton continued:The cost of the wine has nothing to do with the taste.  Wally Cato, a lay Methodist minister and life-long practitioner of servant leadership, is also America’s leading media advocate from some of the most successful ‘big names’ in the financial products and services industry.  All of whom are now respected celebrities I might add.”

“You can pay five thousand dollars, or more, each month to public relations agencies, or to advertising agencies, but you will not get anything close to the image building and targeted publicity results Cato’s revolutionary process delivers.  Since 1981 he has become one of the most imitated and copied practitioners in personal image branding and marketing communications.” 

Cato Revitalized How You Can Become Famous 

“Cato revitalized how fame in acquired in our expanding hyper-connected age where mass media content is largely personality centered.  Multi media today means people are exposed to more content, learn continually, adapt quicker, and change faster with ever-evolving social media, than ever before.”

“In many situations, but not all, Cato bypasses the traditional media and goes straight to the targeted individuals.  Cato alone changed the traditional practices, -- even the methods and tactics, to more effectively use evolving technology, cutting-edge cultural realities, and more recent influence factors impacting individuals.  His changing of the rules has enabled the celebrity and image promoter to have greater control.” 

Dunton even wrote, “Over the years Cato revised his original system to make it affordable for agents and planners, plus to enable them to obtain far greater image branding results.  He enabled financial professionals to raise their game by becoming far more significant.  Thus his personal slogan evolved, ‘You can cut a greater figure.’” 

“Cato used the cutting edge of the information technology revolution more so than any PR practitioner before.  He is the greatest innovator in this specialty discipline since PR pioneers like Ivy Lee and Edward L. Bernays.”

“His acclaimed innovations finally made becoming regionally or nationally famous, practical, affordable, doable, and far better strategized and organized for the individual professional.  Until the Cato method was adopted such effective promotion was not an option for most people who sell insurance or financial planning services.”

As you can well imagine, I include a copy (reprinted from Loren’s book) of Loren Dunton’s comments in just about everything I provide when I am attempting to make a positive impression on someone.  You should do the same.  You deserve and need one super-great endorsement that is based on what is unique and special about you and what you offer.


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