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The Cato Conclusion
October 2, 2012                                                  Volume 707

Reports of My Death Were Exaggerated

                Accounts indicating that I died and was planted six feet into the earth were inaccurate.  But I did experience within two-weeks some highly stressful events that left me hospitalized and unable to adequately function for over seven months.  My beloved wife, Wanda, died following her three-year cancer battle. The last day I visited Wanda in her hospice I suffered my second heart attack. I had experienced my first heart attack a week earlier.  I underwent a third (and massive) heart attack a few days later while in the hospital and Wanda passed away that same day.   

  Now, here is the good news:  I'm back to work! I feel renewed, better, stronger, and more energetic, than I have felt for many years. I can feel an enormous improvement. Now I swim, walk track, and exercise daily. I wish I could hug every person who was so thoughtful, patient, and kind to me.  I wish I could somehow adequately thank you.  I am still trying to catch-up on acknowledging the many thoughtful efforts, and expressions extended to me.  I desire to say a sincere thank you to my treasured Insurance Pro Shop® friends and colleagues for being so good to me.  Thank you for being concerned and for sticking with me.  Thank you for your prayers.                      

Now Let's get back to work... BUILDING YOUR IMAGE!


Most agents and planners start selling before they are ready. Did you do this? Common sense tells us that insurance agents and financial planners must have income. The Insurance Information Institute® reports that ambitious folks start selling before they properly equip themselves to sell effectively. They make some sales and their cycle begins - the cycle of struggling from sale-to-sale. Many of these good folks worry about where their next sale will come from.

The Great Sales Champion Explains: Mehdi Fakharzadeh is rated by the MDRT as “The world’s most successful living and active insurance sales agent.” The Great Mehdi says, “The tragedy for those who continue this practice is that they struggle for sales for years to come. Unfortunately, they never get really established. They never really see the image in their own mirror. They compound their tragedy by missing so many opportunities. They depart with no sale, yet their prospect could have benefited highly by the offer that was available. That lost prospect would have likely wanted to make the purchase if he or she had first accepted the advisor, plus, better understood the offer and the ways to make the purchase affordable.”

The Brutal Truth! The teachings of most sales motivators do not work sufficiently. All sales gurus are self-proclaimed gurus! There are no quick-and-easy fixes or formulas for your lack of adequate sales. Search for the “magic sales bullet” and you search in vain. People who should know better keep falling for these myths. Only the application of well-proven sales habits and up-to-date sales tools produce desired sales!

Who’s Responsible For Your Sales? You are. Not the home office. Not your broker dealer. Not the product provider, but you. So stop ignoring the image in your mirror.

To Improve Your Sales, Start When? Now, start now! Or you may never start. You will not start some day. You will start on a specific day at a specific time. It is likely now or never. No one will guide you by your hand. It is up to you to act now and begin practical and realistic progress toward improving your sales.

Insurance Sales Legend Ben Feldman Said: “The worst salesperson on earth can sell as well as the un-established brand. You don’t want to be an un-established brand.”

Who Can Take Correct Action To Improve Your Sales? Only the person you see when you look into your mirror – that is the one person who can act correctly to highly increase your sales results. That person either will or will not act.

Do You Know What To Do, But Still Fail To Close Enough Sales? No doubt you practice many of the proven and timeless success rules, such as, “Isolate the objection to making the sale and cover it.” And, “Plan your work and work your plan.” Most likely you will never get the opportunity to demonstrate all that you know, and your sales will remain few and far between. MDRT Hero Norman G. Levine is honored as “The man who built more insurance agencies than any other person in history.” From his home in Palm Springs, Levine states, “If you are not using the most proven and effective sales building tool then it is logical to believe that you are not reaching your full potential or becoming well established.”

Will Your Prospects Quickly Identify You As A “Winner,” Or As A “Loser,” In Your Field? We learn in Psychology 101 that a winner stands tall and holds his or her shoulder’s back, makes eye contact, puts the other person at ease, speaks-up, projects authority, conveys confidence, is sharp in appearance (clothes, jewelry, hair style), wears clean and shined shoes, gently assumes command, etc. But all of these essential traits can be negated, or even destroyed, if you fail to effectively communicate more – much more. And the obligation is on you to do this!

YOU CAN “LOCK-IN” A HUGE SAVINGS IF YOU ACT DURING THE TIME PERIOD OF THIS SPECIAL OFFER FOR FRIENDS OF THE INSURANCE PRO SHOP® AND THE IARFC: For the first time you can now save $500.00 on the most effective way to quickly prove to your most demanding prospects that you are a winner and the most appropriate advisor for the prospect. Since the inception of the VIP Interview published in Advisors In The News (online magazine) this work has sold for $1,000.00 and has been considered a priceless tool that pays for itself many-many times over. This one-of-a-kind offer will be available to you during a three month period only.

Are You Just Another Sales Person With Nothing To Show That You Are Unique And Special? People selling financial products and services, come and go with frequency. Industry studies reveal that approximately 30% fail and drop-out every year, with drop-out rates rapidly increasing. These drop-outs obviously never actually learned how to effectively sell. Unfortunately, too many kept trying the hard way. Many of those who do adopt and use proven sales techniques make fortunes while helping lots of people progress toward their financial goals and objectives. Successful agents and planners become respected, trusted, and admired. They know how to convey their uniqueness that helps give them their market advantage.

Do You Simply Fail To Measure-Up To The Advisor Who Makes The Sale To Your Prospect? Right now, if you and the market sales leader in your area were in direct competition for the same sale, who would win? Odds are, the way things are going, your competition would win! Remember, you are in direct competition right now with everyone. However you are actually in the perfect position to reposition yourself as the market leader and out-sell all of those who compete with you in your area. You can become the market leader! People react to you according to how you are positioned. Your image determines how you are perceived and positioned.

Is Your Brand Conveniently Documented?
Have You Ever Spent Even Ten Minutes Improving Your Brand? Do you have a strong brand? Can the sales person with a strong brand “eat your lunch?” Is your brand documented? Do you even have a brand?

Why Does A 28-Year Millionaire Insurance Agent Need To Document His Personal Brand? Joe Casey is a 28-year old insurance agent in Louisville, Kentucky. Joe earns over a million dollars a year. Joe is a member of the IPS Young Millionaires Club. He says, “Not having a VIP Interview in today’s market of distrust and suspicion is like not being documented in a world where documentation is oxygen. Thorough documentation has replaced credentials. With this recession have come major changes that create multiple obstacles that make your sales far more difficult. Conditions will never again be like they were a few years ago. Embrace change. Don’t ignore the recent changes in your market.”

Is It Absurd For You To Expect To Sell Against Your Better Positioned Competition? Many experts believe it all boils down to who impresses your buyer the most, -- you or the other guy? Is the person you need to impress actually impressed with you? Can you quickly make your prospect comfortable with you? MDRT sales super-star Guy Baker says, “Ask the person in the mirror if your prospect’s instincts tell him or her that you are the on-and-only financial advisor that he or she should select? Will your prospect feel fortunate that you are there and involved?

Has Your Prospect Ever Even Heard OF You? Let’s be realistic. If your prospect knows nothing about you then how can your prospect even be favorably disposed toward you? The cardinal rule is: “Buyers always select the well-known or better-known (brand) agent or planner. Those who remain relatively unknown (un-branded) never make multiple sales.”

HERE ARE THE DETAILS ON THIS SPECIAL DEAL FOR YOU ONLY: In three months the cost for your VIP Interview published in Advisors In The News will increase by $500.00 and go from $1,000.00 to $1,500.00 for what Financial Services Advisor magazine called, “The world’s most effective financial sales expeditor.” This will be the second price increase in the history of the VIP Interview. On the date of January 1, 2013 the regular price will be $1,500.00. If you take advantage of this one-time-only offer your will save $500.00! Your cost for this tax deductible business expense will be $1,000.00! Ordering instructions are below.

Does Your Potential Client Have Reasons To Be Afraid Of You? According to no less an authority than Will Nason, RFC, Research Director of the famous Insurance Pro Shop®, “Each and every prospect you encounter now has many thousands of reasons to be suspicious of you, thanks to the economic collapse that resulted due to the greed and self–serving of insiders at mortgage companies, Wall Street, and big banks." Ninety-one percent of Americans participating in a recent Gallop Poll said: “The average mortgage company is not honest. Banks and Wall Street operatives serve themselves first.” Now you get blamed, and you suffer the consequences, while the crooks were (and are) allowed to steal and cheat.

What One Point Do The Many Different Associations Of Financial Professionals All Agree Upon? They all agree – the Million Dollar Round Table, the Financial Planning Association, the Investment Management Consultants Association, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, and the Mutual Fund Marketing Association, Financial Leadership Academy -- all report that insurance agents and financial planners are bearing the blunt of the scandalous Wall Street, mortgage company, and big bank self-dealing, even though these advisors are totally innocent. Thus you too are a victim! But your prospects most likely view you with dread, apprehension, or even scorn. No doubt you have discovered that the former methods of selling no longer work in today’s era of lost trust.

Can You Provide Anything That Immediately Proves You Are Safe, Established, and Qualified? Either you can do this or you can not do this. Obviously, today’s sales go to the person who can do this. Either you know how to expedite your sales process or you do not. If you do not, then you may begin to flounder at this point.

Do You Use The Quick Advantage?

Do You Quickly Show That You Are Experienced And Have A History Of Satisfied Clients? You too can accomplish this by providing your prospects with an authentic copy of Advisors In The News, an established and legitimate publication which features you on the cover, plus presents you as the subject of the famous VIP Interview. The VIP Interview was created by Forrest Wallace Cato when he served as Editor-In-Chief of Trusts & Estates Magazine and Financial Planning magazine.

According to Financial Advisor magazine, “Cato, now a well-known image builder for advisors, remains one of the most respected men in the financial industry.” Over a 20-year period Cato kept refining the VIP Interview. Cato wanted to capture the unique personality of the person being interviewed, plus reveal what was special and precious about his subject. Subjects have included such untarnished luminaries as Warren Buffett, John Bogle, David Rockefeller, Peter Lynch, Mehdi Fakharzadeh, Lew Nason, Norman G. Levine, and many of the world’s most successful top producers. Yes, Advisors In The News with the VIP Interview is a priceless tool used by many of the world’ leading financial industry money makers. Many used this tool with great success before the economic recession took place.

What Did The Founder Of Financial Planning Say About The Creator Of The VIP Interview That Helps Present You To Your Prospects? Loren Dunton is recognized as “The founder of the financial planning profession.” This specialty discipline has grown into a multi-trillion dollar industry. You should be getting your share. In his book titled Financial Planning: A New Profession, the late Dunton wrote, “Cato put financial planning on the map by establishing the image of the entire financial planning movement. Cato’s image-building efforts resulted in the public understanding that led to the national and international acceptance of financial planning as a valuable and important new profession.”

Who Will Interview You So You Can Be Featured in Advisors In The News and profiled as the subject of the VIP Interview? You will actually be interviewed by Forrest Wallace Cato, RFC. Cato created this highly used and industry respected format. Cato knows how to discover what is unique about you. He knows how to draw-out your strongest traits. How to emphasize what is most appealing and most interesting about you. You will be involved in every draft. Plus you will have total approval of every word. You get to approve all of the copywriting before this important project is finalized. Then you finally have proof that you are somebody in your field.

Cato’s writing has been published in Reader’s Digest, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Newsweek, and other regional and national, trade and consumer publications. The VIP Interview published in Advisors In The News captures the essence of you. This enables you to quickly convey the value of your skills, knowledge, status, and services, to your prospects. You provide immediate assurance and receive immediate acceptance.

YOU SELDOM GET ENOUGH TIME TO WIN PERSONAL ACCEPTANCE: The majority of the time you spend with a prospect trying to sell is the period during which you are striving to win personal acceptance and alleviate their fears. Now you can expedite the time period required for you to become accepted. This is a well-proven way to obtain far more sales during your work week.

What Works For Warren Buffett Should Work For You! You can place your VIP Interview (as published in Advisors In The News) to work for you and experience far more sales with each sale taking less time. Plus, your motivation is easier to maintain once you see positive results.

Is The Person In Your Mirror (Looking Back At You) Also Telling You Something? Possibly your reflection in your mirror may be saying it is time for you to re-evaluate and take corrective action.

Is It Important That You Be A Great Personality? No! It is not necessary for you to be a fantastic personality. You do not have to be amusing, entertaining, delightful, funny, super-charming, hyper-friendly, etc. You need to be able to intelligently help your client achieve their financial objectives and/or solve their money problems. You goal is to be able to identify prospects, gain instant acceptance by quickly establishing your personal brand, do proper fact finding, and recommend appropriate solutions. You do not need to be “Mister Sparkle.”

Does The Person You Want To Sell Know That You Are A Recognized Professional In Your Industry Who Is Considered An Outstanding Advisor? At the famous Insurance Pro Shop® Lew Nason, RFC, plays a key role in directing the award-winning organization that trains many of America’s most successful financial sales professionals. When he was a sales agent Lew Nason was known as: “The nine-out-of-ten guy.” He earned this title because he closed nine-out-of-ten sales. Lew Nason says, “There is no faster or more effective way to immediately communicate to your prospect that you are a recognized professional who is considered an outstanding advisor in your specialty.”

This method even highlights that:

You are (1) ethical,
You (2) adhere to a strict Code of Conduct,
You (3) abide by high standards of practice,
You (4) have satisfied clients,
You have (5) a case history of successful client experiences,
You (6) remain without consumer complaints or regulatory charges,
You have (7) other credits, assets, and qualities that are identified.

To Begin A Client Relationship, Do You Offer Solid Evidence That You Are The Most Appropriate Advisor For The Client? Can you now present “up front” proof, in a convenient and easy-to-read format that quickly conveys your essential messages? Either you can or you can not!

Your VIP Interview In Advisors In The News Will Be Permanently Featured On The Internet! You will be included with the other “top names” who have been subjects of the VIP Interview and your full coverage will be included on the Internet. You will be the only name with exclusive market area representation. You can reference this in all of your other marketing materials, e-mail your VIP Interview to your prospects, mention this in your biographical sketch, on your biz card, atop your stationery, etc. For added credibility, you can also include your full VIP Interview on your web site. Up to 75 key questions may be answered in your VIP Interview – depending on the length of your replies.

Use Your Most Helpful Tool Now!
Are You Often Dismissed With One Of The Following Lines: “I’ll think about your suggestions?” “Let me get back to you.” “We’ll discuss your proposal more at another time.” “I’ll call you if we decide to do this.” Or, “We can’t afford this right now.” Only you can take special actions that will reduce your rejections! Act now to highly reduce your rejections. Putting an end to “turn downs” and “brush-offs” means developing a new habit – the habit of using copies of your VIP Interview as published in Advisors In The News to instantly convey your personal brand.

YOUR BONUS: When you respond to this limited-time offer (for selected advisors only) you will receive a free listing that details 25 ways you can use your VIP Interview to increase your fame in your market area and to help stimulate your sales. Get the full use from your VIP Interview. Don’t go it alone. Equip yourself with every advantage possible for your maximum sales results. Only you (the person in the mirror) can make highly improved sales happen for you.

What Make Your VIP Interview More Effective? Financial subjects can easily be dull or even boring. Some prospects even consider this topic to be unpleasant. But everyone wants success for themselves and for those they love. The VIP Interview with you will contain elements that are, by design, strictly motivational, self-help, and (non-denominational) inspirational guidance.

The VIP Interview With You Can Be Effectively Used For Many Years! Use this as a hand-out, leave behind, direct mail piece, the center piece of your Press Kit, to help you obtain speaking engagements, to enable you to begin important dialogues, to gain access to those who are “difficult to see,” to further regional awareness of you, to cultivate the media, etc. The uses are multiple as are the career benefits you will receive.

Will You Continue The Habits That Make It Difficult For You To Sell? Or, when you look into your mirror do you see the real you and make the changes and improvements that will empower you to increase your sales now? If you are ready to act now in your own best interest then here is how to order.

This could be the most important investment you ever made. Please note that we are making several “convenient ways to pay” available for you.

1. You can make a one time investment of $1,000.  Click Here

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