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The Cato Conclusion
September 27, 2011                                              Volume 705

“These depressed economic days mean you must now market more effectively using far more innovative efforts.”

Aiming At Specific Benefits for You? 

At the fastest growing financial sales training program in the USA today, - the Insurance Pro Shop® - Jeremy Nason, Director, harps on the fact that, “Every aspect of our training is for a specific targeted benefit for you.”

Wally Cato proudly displays his Hollywood Walk of Fame Star with Lew NasonLast month a struggling financial speaker/sales trainer told me, “Wally the things you talk about, such as,  Hollywood Walk-of-Fame Stars, presidential proclamations, celebrity endorsements, etc., are all nice, but I am selling authenticity!  Paying for that stuff just doesn’t seem particularly consistent with my objective.”

The man rejecting my “stuff” had the two typical self-published booklets and called them books.  Of course his thinking is locked into the past.  Without creating, establishing, and maintaining his desired image, he is not effectively communicating his authenticity or much of anything else.  In fact he has no defined authenticity or much of anything else to communicate.  He is not presently ‘establishing’ his authenticity in any meaningful way, as far as I know.  Nor is he protecting his reputation - since he has no reputation.  He is not causing anything to happen that would enable his prospects to become aware of his ‘authenticity.’ 

I think this guy is a nice man but hopeless because of his muddled thinking about creating his brand, and because there are so many speakers and sales trainers that can and will out-perform him.  He concluded, “I see no specific benefits for all those image-building things you do.” 

I decided not to bother talking further with this guy since he has such smarter competition – competition that will eat his lunch. 

Your Potential Awaits Its Moment  

According to the MDRT, Mehdi Fakharzadeh, RFC, is considered to be the world’s most successful living and active insurance sales agent today.  I asked the beloved 92-year old “Mister Mehdi” to comment on my experience and he said, “Your potential always awaits its moment Your potential will wait forever if you find reasons to discourage itYour potential remains dormant, unless you master the courage to act and help your potential become alive and grow.” 

The respected sales champion explained, “You will be what you becomeYou can become what you want to beBut you must have enough intelligence to see how to achieve thisYou have to cause your desire to resultIf you can’t accept and respond to this truth then forget about reaching your potentialMost people go through life without ever even knowing their potentialThey think they are not authentic, not special, not worthy, not unique, not one-of-a-kind, and so-onThey find reasons to limit themselves.”

Specific Benefits From Establishing Your Desired Image

Fame results from a series on ongoing image-building exposures to a target market.   These exposures are then marketed, merchandized, and exploited for years.  Don’t limit your potential.  Below is a partial list of specific benefits that result from becoming famous in your sales region.  You can:

Stop selling ‘the hard way.’

Establish your ‘one of a kind’ brand.

Turn your ‘image power’ into useful ‘sales power.’

Sell far more products and services.

Become the ‘recognized market leader’ in your area.

Make known what is unique, special, and precious, about you.

Revitalize your personal brand.

Obtain more prospects.

Place the media to work continually promoting you.

Reach personal fulfillment.

Experience far greater career satisfaction!

Become better understood and more accepted.

Enjoy status that ‘opens doors’ for you.

Be ‘known in advance’ by your reputation.

Receive the respect you deserve.

Become much more interesting.

Receive greater welcomes.

Gain acceptance more quickly.

Be invited more often.

Strengthen your motivation.

Obtain more desired speaking engagements and other gigs.

Receive the admiration you deserve.

Experience credibility and comfort levels far more quickly your with prospects.

No longer be among the feared or ‘distrusted unknown.’

Become the ‘consummate role model’ in your sales territory.

Increase your confidence.

Build your discipline.

No longer be considered typical or routine.

Escape the limits of your environment and circumstances.

Disallow your competition to position you to their advantage.

No longer be ranked among the average.

Make your brand more meaningful.

Simply become ‘more popular.’

Be sought after by more people, prospects, and companies.

Would these specific benefits build authenticity for you?

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