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Build Your Image With… The National Flag Honor
By Forrest Wallace Cato

Over the years I have interviewed many-many famous people such as Warren Buffett, Alan Greenspan, Peter Lynch, Sir John Templeton, John Bogle, George Soros, David Rockefeller, Charles Schwab, plus many others, and they have all mentioned that they received an American flag that was flown in their honor over the U.S. Senate Office Building in Washington.  

You can have an American flag flown in your honor, recognizing you for some specific accomplishment. This is a legitimate and respected national honor.  This impresses and reassures your clients and prospects.  This shows that you are recognized and acclaimed by “the establishment.”  You should obtain this ‘flag honor’ and make use of this factor in creating, establishing, and maintaining your desired image. 

All request for flags are made through your United States Senator, or your United States Congressman.  The Architect of the Capitol accepts and processes the nomination from Senators and Congressmen.  The Architect of the Capitol also provides a signed certificate indicating that the flag was flown in your honor to recognize you for the specific reason indicated. 

Every Senator and Congressman has a staff person assigned to process flag nomination.  You cannot nominate yourself.  You must have someone else nominate you.  Do not make false or exaggerated claims in your nomination. 

Simply indicate why the flag should be flown over the Capital in your honor.  Here is a very appropriate reason… 

“This flag was flown in honor of John Doe in recognition of his fiduciary work assisting American citizens in accomplishing their money goals and related objectives.”   

After you receive your flag you should send a thank you acknowledgement (note or letter) to the Senator of Congressman who recommended you for this national honor. 

Once you have your flag, use it, or it will not help promote you.  By use it I mean, send out a news release with a photo of you and the flag. Then give the flag to a group of Boy Scouts (or some other organization) and be photographed presenting it to them. Then send out another news release.  Or display the flag in your office. Display the certificate near your flag.  Mention the ‘flag honor’ on your biz card or stationery.  Mention the flag in your biographical sketch.  Tell people about it in your newsletter, on your web site, Etc.  Use it.  

Order your flag as soon as possible – do this now.  Get your flag and use it.  The “flag recognition honor” is a legitimate status symbol, prestige device, and image enhancement for you.


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