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Using Publicity Can Raise Your Profile
And Bring You Fame And Fortune!
By Forrest Wallace Cato

Why Use Publicity?

Compared to paid advertisements, publicity (targeted media exposure) can be an inexpensive means of reaching your target audience and selling your services. Consider that a quarter page advertisement in USA Today costs about $10,000. If your publicity campaign generates one article in USA Today, then the campaign just paid for itself.

Publicity is more credible to your audience than paid advertisements. Your audience knows that media interviews and reviews are not paid for by the author. Therefore, the audience trusts the media's opinion of your services.

Why Use A Publicist?

Effective and professional press materials are the key to the success of your promotional campaign. Unfortunately, it's not easy to devise press materials that will not only grab the attention of the media, but also tell them everything they need to know about your work.

A press release is a one-page summary of the work you do. It provides the media with more information regarding why they should write an article about you or why they should have you as a guest on their program. It is imperative that the press release contains an interesting angle that makes you relevant to the media's current audience.

You need a hook, a unique selling point that separates you from your competition. Think of the hook as a 30 second summary that piques the media's interest.

We recommend conducting the publicity campaign for a minimum of twelve months. All of the communication that is sent to newspapers, TV and Radio stations, and publishers must be followed-up repeatedly in order to maximize the amount of publicity you receive.

A publicist cannot guarantee media coverage. Ultimately, whether or not the media is interested in you, depends solely on the merit of your work.

You should keep a copy of all the publicity you get, and include in your press kit.

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