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What Do Leading Financial Planners
(And Other Professionals)
Have In Common?

Aidil Akbar Madjid, MBA, RFC, is a USA university graduate who lived in Santa Monica, California.  Today he is the youthful host of the popular Indonesian TV game show Rich Game.  He is also the very successful Managing Director of Pavillion Capital, a division of Global Financial Service Holding, located in Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia.

Aidil Akbar Madjid, explains, "Having worked at an international public relation company's office in Santa Monica, California for some years, I well learned the important aspects of Personal Image Branding for my financial planning practice and everyday professional advancement.  For me, Personal Image Branding is about being yourself and making prospects more aware of who you are and what you can do to help them.  As Cato teaches, 'You cannot pretend something that you want to be, or claim to be, if you are unable to continually communicate this effectively in your market area, and then deliver precisely that which is conveyed by your established image.' 

Here in the Indonesian markets, Personal Image Branding is essential for attaining professional leadership status plus reaching maximum success serving clients.  Since Personal Image Branding is of such vital importance I believe financial advisors anywhere must strongly create, establish, and maintain their desired image within their market area.  If you are qualified and dedicated then this becomes the formula for greater success. 

Our Indonesian market is a very unique market.  The middle and high net-worth people of Indonesia believe that price and established overseas brands mean both desirable and well-proven quality.  People in Indonesia do not mind to pay extra to get top quality financial products or services.  They prefer this.  Therefore it is important to always project the appropriate high or up-scale image.  Only a highly skilled media advocate can build your 'just right" image.  He can even build upon your overseas affiliations and your overseas media exposures, to make additional positive impressions in your local market.  This is in addition to your local media.  For me, with Personal Image Branding, it becomes acceptable to earn and logical to charge, premium prices for premier services.  This all combines to attract qualified prospects.  This even gives special attraction and unique advantage to my practice. 

In the end, I must always deliver superior quality advice and service to best benefit my clients and help them achieve their stated objectives.  Since our Indonesian market is very "fragile" and Personal Image Branding stimulates positive 'word of mouth' that also supports my practice. Personal Image Banding helps me to managing people's expectations.  This sets the tone prevailing at any time.  My prospects have mental positions that parallel my philosophy before we begin a relationship.  This remains during our relationship.  This makes me largely pre-sold.  Now I do not have to work so hard at selling myself.  I struggled until I placed Personal Image Branding to work for me.  Then I surpassed established practitioners who had three times my age and experience."

By Aidil Akbar Madjid, MBA, RFC


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