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Discover… The 'Insider Secrets'
Outstanding Recognition And
Success In The Your World!

Media Exposure and Image Branding For Serious Professionals and Businesses.

Zig Ziglar & Wally Cato“If you don’t get noticed, you don’t have anything. 
You just have to be noticed.  But getting noticed is
an art. You must get noticed naturally without screaming and without obvious tricks.”

Leo Burnett,  Founder of a major ad agency     

“You can be the best anything, but this
won’t matter if nobody knows.”

Sandy Schussel, JD, American Sales Trainer

“We always knew my sons John and Robert would
be highly successful because we built their images
during the early years of their careers.” 

Joe Kennedy, Father of John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy

"What is behind your image is everything,
your reputation and also your sales!"

Zig Ziglar

"Have you done anything at all about your image?"
Coach Lou Holtz

“Failing to promote means failing to succeed.”
Henry Ford 

“Out of thousands and thousands of inventors, I’m the only
one who used an image promoter.  Of all the other inventors,
how many of their names do you know?”

Thomas Edison

Dear Fellow Professional,

How much easier would it be for you to attract high quality prospects, sell your products, get speaking engagements, etc. ... if people already know about you, you're a recognized 'household name' and you're thought of as 'The Expert' by the people in your local community?

That's the goal of a publicist (Media Consultant). To get your name out there, improve your personal image, and make you famous in your world! (Cato Seen Here Exiting Air Force One)

Image Branding is about getting you known in your community, in the most cost-effective way, by promoting you and your business through 'FREE' press coverage.

It's using newspaper articles, TV and radio reports and celebrity endorsements and more to create instant credibility and status for you and your business.

But, you can't buy this 'Personal Image Branding' coverage off the shelf with a mailing list of local newspapers, or TV stations and radio stations.

You have to create it - skillfully - and with great promotional ideas.

And, you must have the connections in place to make it happen.

This is where I come in… creating stories around you and your business. The power of press coverage is the snowball effect - one piece of coverage adds another. But, the hardest part is getting the ball started. Again, I'll show you how.

For over 30 years I've worked with Financial Professionals, Singers, Actors, Motivational Speakers, Authors and many other professionals to get them in the headlines with impact, and then I help to keep them there.

Are You Making The Media Work For You?

Let's meet to start making headlines together!
  Call Me Today... 770-516-9395 

Making you famous,
Wally Cato


Forrest Wallace Cato,
RFMA, RFC, CRR, CPC is Director of Cato Celebrity Positioning Management, LLC, a multi-national sales promotional image building agency for serious professionals and businesses. Cato wrote the introduction to the classic book How To Sell Your Way Through Life by Napoleon Hill.

A condensed version of Cato's book The Five World-Wide Success Dynamics is included in the new book Four Great Timeless Success Classics along with As A Man Thinketh, A Message To Garcia, and The Richest Man In Babylon.


Charlie "Tremendous" Jones & Wally Cato

Charles "Tremendous" Jones, the legendary motivation speaker, says,
"If I had met Cato ten years ago I would be
as famous as the Pope by now!"

jeremy Nason, Wally Cato & Lew Nason

"If you want the increased understanding in your local market - that leads to increased acceptance of your products or services and increases your sales, then you need Wally Cato working for you."
Jeremy and Lew Nason - Co-founders of the Insurance Pro Shop


Wally Cato & Mehdi Fakharzadeh


"Wally Cato is simply your best choice for
building your desired reputation and production
with the help of Market Leader Image Branding!"

Mehdi Fakharzadeh, MDRT Hero
- "The most successful living
and active insurance sales agent in the U.S."
Leader's Magazine




Mehdi Fakharzadeh - Medhi's Fast Track Success System

               Sidney A. Friedman - Helping Clients Can Make You Rich!



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